1/5 Published Dec 14 , 2023

"We trusted Anderson Frank with our Netsuite Automation and lost $67,000"

October 2023 Updates after getting VPs involved: A 3rd party verified that the consultant Anderson Frank provided us with (RG LLC) did not complete the work we were billed for. AF is not willing to cover the costs to make this situation right. After some hard conversations, Anderson Frank agreed that RG LLC wasn't capable of finishing the project that they had already spent almost a year and $67,000 of our money failing to deliver. We collectively proceeded with the hope that 50 hours might be needed to complete the work and the promise from a senior VP that AF might have to pay out of pocket to make it right. They provided us with a new Netsuite Consultant to examine the work done by RG LLC and estimate how much work was outstanding. To everyone's shock, they found poorly written SuiteScripts with literally nothing to build off, estimating that another 100-120 hours would be needed to complete the work. Their VPs stuck to the 50 hours and decided they were not going to to take responsibility for RG LLC's failures, suggesting that we could go after RG LLC if we felt we were owed more. Anderson Frank has stated they are only going to cover 50 of the 120 hours needed. The latest development was to be contacted by their lawyer after I tried to make the case that this situation is not right or fair. I'm sure there are plenty of stories of working with great consultants provided by Anderson Frank. But if they pair you up with a Netsuite Consultant that arguably scams you, expect Anderson Frank to point to the contract. You're taking a risk working with Anderson Frank. You're better off working directly with a Netsuite Contractor

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