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Solgaard - Sustainable Travel Gear for Global Citizens

Solgaard makes the best sustainable travel backpacks and smart suitcases. We create premium items like Lifepack®, The Carry-on Closet®, Solarbank®, and Anti-Theft Backpacks made with SHORE-TEX® Fabric. Free US shipping, 10 year warranty, and every item we sell pulls 5 lbs of ocean plastic.


5/5 Published Dec 24 , 2023

"This company is amazing"

This company is amazing One item I purchased the Shoreline Watch suffered a break of the watch band I didn t have the receipt or an order number Lyza took what information I had was able to verify my purchase and processed an order for a replacement watch Lyza is a wonderful customer service representative I am a customer for life Ecofriendly AND Solgaard stands by it guarantee

5/5 Published Dec 24 , 2023

"I wanted to change colors of suitcase "

I wanted to change colors of suitcase after ordering and they were very easy to work with and facilitated my request The suitcase seems to be of great quality I haven t used it yet and everything through the company processing the change of color was easy and painless

5/5 Published Dec 24 , 2023

"Top notch service products"

Fantastic products had a few minor issues that were resolved with courtesy and professionalism Get compliments on the backpack and carry on nearly everytime I m at the airport

5/5 Published Dec 24 , 2023

"Truly greatest traveling backpacks"

Truly greatest traveling backpacks Best Christas gift for someone who enjoy traveling

5/5 Published Dec 24 , 2023

"I received great help from Zee at "

I received great help from Zee at Solgaard When placing my order the system would accept my overseas address but would not allow me to ship to my APO Zee helped me place my order via email then complete the transaction via secure link Outstanding support I can barely wait to get my carryon closet and checkin closet from the Black Friday sale We already have 3 trips planned in the next 2 months Thank You Zee

5/5 Published Dec 24 , 2023

"ExceptionalCustomer Service Beyond Expectations Solgaard Delivers "

As an avid traveler I ve always relied on the durability and quality of my luggage to make my journeys smooth But during my recent trip from Minneapolis to Munich I faced an unexpected hiccup when looking at my suitcase on the baggage claim I noticed that a wheel was missing After checking it closer I saw that the wheel broke out of its socket and there was no way to get it repaired Naturally I was concerned especially since my suitcase was out of its one-year warranty period With a bit of apprehension I reached out to Solgaard s customer support team hoping for a solution To my delightful surprise the response I received was nothing short of amazing Despite the elapsed warranty the support team acknowledged my issue with genuine care and understanding But what truly stood out was their willingness to go above and beyond Without any hesitation they sent me a replacement suitcase ensuring that my travel inconveniences were swiftly addressed This gesture not only alleviated my stress but also solidified my trust in Solgaard as a brand that genuinely values its customers experiences I am thoroughly impressed by Solgaard s exceptional customer service They have not only provided a high-quality product but also backed it with support that exceeds expectations For anyone considering a reliable and customer-centric travel gear brand my experience stands as a testament to Solgaard s commitment to their customers Kudos to the team for their outstanding service

5/5 Published Dec 24 , 2023

"We had an issue with shipping so I "

We had an issue with shipping so I reached out to solgaard and i was impressed with the promptness of a response I got They were quick to help and got the issue easily resolved Cant wait to try out their product

5/5 Published Dec 24 , 2023

"Great communication"

I ordered the carry on larger and the endeavor backpack When my carry on was delivered but not my backpack I emailed customer service and within just a few short hours they figured out my shipment was in 2 orders my 2nd confirmation number was sent and it was VERY easy to communicate via email with them Once I have my trip to Italy I plan to make an additional review So far I m impressed with the speed of their delivery time as well as the speed in which they corresponded to me with my question Can t wait to use my new luggage

5/5 Published Dec 24 , 2023

"Amazing customer service"

Amazing customer service as well as a great product I had uncommon weird malfunction happen when first acquiring my carry-on closet The Solgaard Support Team was quick to respond and quick to offer options to remedy the situation

5/5 Published Dec 24 , 2023

"Top notch company customer service"

I recently purchased a suitcase for an international trip Once I packed and closed the suitcase the locks wouldn t work it wouldn t open and my passport was inside Needless to say we had to bust the locks and I wasn t able to use the suitcase on the trip When I returned I reached out to them expecting the same customer service that I have become numb to and honestly expected nothing I am absolutely blown away Your customer care and response is incredible WOW The suitcase was replaced without hassle blame or excuse You have made me a committed and loyal brand ambassador

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